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Myth 1: “My partner didn’t hit me, so I didn’t think it was abuse”

Reality: Domestic Violence can have many forms, it can be verbal, emotional, financial and sexual too

Myth 2: “Alcohol and drugs make people violent”

Reality: Alcohol and drugs do not cause domestic abuse, although can make existing abuse worse. Many people use alcohol and drugs and do not abuse their partner. The perpetrator alone is responsible for their actions

Myth 3: “Women often lie about abuse”

Reality: False allegations are extremely rare, as shown in real-life studies. The first study on the matter released, in 2013 by the Crown Prosecution Service, concluded that out of 111,891 domestic violence prosecution cases examined only 6 were false.

Myth 4: “All couples argue - it’s not domestic abuse, it’s just a normal relationship”

Reality: Abuse and disagreements are very different. Different opinions are normal and completely acceptable in healthy relationships, and do not involve the use of physical, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual or pyschological threats in order to control another’s person’s thinking, opinion, emotions and behavior

Myth 5: “He can be a good father even he abuses his partner - the parent’s relationship doesn’t have to affect the children”

Reality: Around 90% of children whose mothers are abused witness the abuse, creating traumatic and long-lasting effects on the child. When a child witnesses domestic abuse, this is child abuse too.

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